Matrix Access Control – Effective Security

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Matrix Access Control – Effective Security


GS Global Security is proud to introduce range of matrix access control products with complete people mobility management solutions to enhance productivity, security and efficiency of your organization.

Matrix gives an enterprise level People Mobility Management solution for modern organizations, covering Time-Attendance, Access Control, and more industry based security solutions. Our all-integrated solutions includes hardware devices, software platform, and a suite of software application modules. This comprehensive range of solutions maintains an optimum balance between productivity and security in an organization.

Matrix Advantages

Established in 1991, Matrix is a leader in Security and Telecom solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. Matrix takes pride in all it products being design, developed and manufactured in India. Matrix offers cost effective solutions for both, standalone and network mode of operation. Additionally matrix also provides variety of features as below:

  • Time-Attendance
  • Remote Management via DDNS
  • Access with phone via Bluetooth
  • Seamless Integration with Third Party Devices
  • Secured Communication
  • Tamper Detection
  • Events Storage up to 500,000
  • Advanced Access Control Features like Guard Tour, Man Trap, Dead-Man Zone, Duress Detection, Do Not Disturb and many more.

Access Control – Door Controller & Readers

Matrix access control offers wide range of Products from Door Controllers to Varity of innovative Readers.

Below are the commonly used matrix Products.

GS-MA-PANEL 200S Standalone Mode Access Control for Signal Location
GS-MA-ARC DC200STwo door controller with POE+
GS-MA-PATH RDCMCard Reader With MiFare Module
GS-MA-PATH RDFM Finger Print Reader With MiFare Module
GS-MA-PATH DCCM Door Controller with Inbuild Card Reader and MiFare Module
(Standalone cloud based)
GS-MA-PATH DCFMDoor Controller with Inbuild Fingerprint Reader and MiFare Module (Standalone cloud based)

Along with above listed readers, matrix have a highly secure and contactless biometric device that reads the internal vascular pattern of the palm known as Palm reader it reads not the fingerprint as in fingerprint readers but the internal pattern of palm which are unique to each individual and exist underneath the skin layer, which cannot be forged thereby making it most secure compared to other biometric technology. It is suitable for any place where security and hygiene are of utmost importance.

Access Control – Basic Setup

To setup up a basic matrix access control for single door you only need few products.

Matrix Access control can also connects to Third party readers and you can also avoid using ARC and PANEL by using Standalone Readers with Cloud based solution. Please refer below image for basic layout for single door.


Matrix is a modern day easy to use access control solution. Along with our great product lines, we at GS Global Security provide reliable technical support and hassle-free RMA process. We have tutorials, setup guides and all other support documents in our website to ensure our clients have all the support from basics. Click these link to visit Support Documents.

Also check out our YouTube channel for more Surveillance and access control tutorials and product launches.

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