Q: Are your NVRs compatible with [other brand] IP cameras?

A: All of our NVRs are fully conformant with the latest Onvif ‘S’ Profile.
To check if your IP cameras are compatible, please visit https://www.onvif.org/conformant-products/ and search your camera model here.
If your camera does not show up during a search or does not support the Onvif ‘S’ Profile, we cannot guarantee all functions will work with our NVRs.


Q: Do you deliver to other provinces in Canada? How about the United States?

A: Yes, we deliver all across Canada and the United States. Shipping cost varies depending on your location, as well as the total weight/size of your package(s). Please contact us for a shipping estimate.


Q: Do you deliver outside North America?

A: Please contact us for any shipping inquiries outside North America. Shipping cost varies depending on your location, as well as the preferred shipping method. (sea or air shipment)


Q: Will I be able to view the cameras on my Smartphone?

A: Yes, absolutely. For our Uniview series, you will need to download the EZView (iOS | Android) app. If using our UNV White Label NVRs, you will need the Guard Viewer (iOS | Android) app. For our Prime series, you will need to download the Guarding Vision (iOS | Android) app. For more detailed instructions to connect with our UNV NVRs, please refer to this PDF Tutorial.


Q: What is this ‘Starlight’ feature listed on some of your cameras?

A: Any camera labeled with ‘Starlight’ has an upgraded ultra-low light sensor integrated. These starlight cameras are better able to detect light, allowing for full colour video even in low-light conditions. The ensures better image details such as clothing or vehicle colour. To see an in-depth comparison and testing of our Starlight cameras, you can view our blog post on the topic.