Thermal Camera – UNI2165H Review

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Thermal Camera – UNI2165H Review


Amidst the current Covid-19 global pandemic, businesses are looking for how they can protect their customers and employees. Recently, we have seen an increase in demand for thermal screening products. Among our products, UNi2165H thermal camera is a low-cost solution for small businesses or grocery store entrances. It can be mounted on a tripod, and monitored by one person to check for an elevated body temperature. First, let’s take a look at the device itself.

Design and Specifications

The UNi2165H is a small, modern thermal imaging device capable of providing ±0.3°C temperature readings at up to one metre distance. The unit comes with a standard USB-C charging cable and a 16GB MicroSD card for snapshot capture. On the bottom of the device, there is a ¼”-20 standard screw for optional tripod mounting.

Firstly, the thermal imager has a resolution of 160×120, for a total of 19,200 pixels. Secondly, it can run for 6 hours using an internal 5000mAh battery. Additionally, it can also operate while being charged. Another important feature is the emissivity value. For instance, the emissivity value of human skin is 0.98. This value (default 0.95) can be adjusted in the options menu. Upon detecting an elevated body temperature, a sound alert will play. You can use the trigger on the device to take a snapshot. This snapshot is saved to the internal microSD card. Finally if you need more information, refer to the product spec sheet.

Thermal Camera Setup

In order to effectively screen people, the UNi2165H should be setup at the entrance of the business where customers/clients will be entering. For instance, each person should be screened one at a time. Additionally, anyone wearing glasses should remove their glasses before taking their temperature. Moreover, using a tripod helps keep the camera stable and high enough to get an accurate reading. It can also be used manually by hand, to scan employees or clients entering the business.

Showing the installation of UNI2165-H thermal camera
UNi2165H Thermal Camera | Setup at local supermarket

To get the best results, please follow all product guidelines, including:

  • Use indoors without wind
  • Do not point camera towards sunlight
  • After powering on camera, let it run for 15 mins to ensure accurate temperature
  • Please use 0.98 emissivity value when measuring human skin temperature
  • You should measure from 1 metre away for best results

Final Thoughts

We were impressed with the capability and ease-of-use for UNi2165H thermal camera. Most importantly, the device is easy to use and requires very little setup. Despite no remote viewing capability, this device is perfect for a business looking for an accurate, simple, low-cost thermal screening device. In conclusion, I highly recommend this product.

If you’re looking to purchase UNi2165H or any other thermal products, give us a call at (905)367-7177 and we’ll be happy to help you.