Best Home Security System In Alberta

Best Home Security System In Alberta

Best Home Security System In Alberta

Technology has changed the way we see home security. Until about 5 years ago, the home security industry was quite static. Boxes, sensors, lights and alarms were the industry standard and, yes, there were some ways to customize the solution most were anchored in a conventional system. We briefly offer an affordable assortment of security systems online such as CCTV, Surveillance, Network Devices, Video Recorders, Wireless Cameras, IPS Security System, Analog HD Cameras, Hybrid DVRs, and Video Security accessories to bring the most visible changes- indoors and outdoors. GS Global Security is a wholesale distributor of smart security system in Alberta.

Home security becomes smart

The implementation of security systems is now as smart as your phone can be and as technological as your computers can be. A new trend that we are observing is that home security is becoming a compliment instead of a basic service offer.

There has also been an evolution in the home security system industry, which has led to the convergence of both trends and the emergence of high-quality services and projection for the future.

We’ve seen a rapid advancement in Alberta in a few years as we have entered the era of a smart home. The challenge is no longer to help keep your home safe, but to make your home work for you, in matters of surveillance. There has been a change and instead of outdated systems that lack customization, owners and tenants are turning to various types of solutions, from traditional alarm systems to the most sophisticated high-tech services to complete solutions. Some can be operated 100% from a smartphone.

Wireless Security Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems in Alberta

What do I need to have a video surveillance system? A digital video recorder records the images of the cameras on a hard drive. There are several video surveillance kits of 4, 8 and 16 cameras that include everything necessary for installation and are the easiest way to start with CCTV and video surveillance. In addition, the kits are completely customizable and adaptable to their particular characteristics, since they allow choosing the type of camera that most interests us in each case. In this way, you have the certainty of getting the right and obtaining a video surveillance system that really covers your specific needs.

Smart video cameras, capture the images.

In case you run a big store or a supermarket, you need a larger number of cameras to expand the control points. In these cases, the recorders of 16 channels represent an optimal solution that provides both internal and external security. Thanks to the high number of cameras, we can place them in all the necessary points. For example, we can put 4 cameras controlling the 4 cash registers, then two cameras controlling the main entrance door, another guarding the warehouse door and another one in the emergency exit.

We still have 8 cameras that we distribute throughout the room and corridors to have all corners supervised and under control. The recorder is installed in the machine room. The manager visualizes the images and the recordings from the computer of his office thanks to the network connection of the recorder, with the help of a program that allows him to control and configure the whole device from the comfort of his table. Contact us for more details. Our customer support team is at your disposal to serve the best advice and a free quote.