BDCOM PoE Switches – Product Overview

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BDCOM PoE Switches – Product Overview

Introducing BDCOM PoE Switches

GS Global Security is proud to announce our partnership with BDCOM, a leading manufacturer of networking and communications equipment. This partnership will allow us to offer better PoE switches to our customers, with the highest level of performance and reliability. The BDC-S1000 series and BDC-S1510 series are designed specifically for video surveillance use.

BDC-S1000 Series PoE Switches

The BDCOM S1000 Series PoE switches are 10/100Mbps with 4/8 PoE ports available. The S1000 series has two models: BDC-S1006-4P and BDC-S1010-8P. Both models feature PoE+ output, quiet fanless design, and a 250M long-distance CCTV mode. In addition, they have two uplink ports for connecting to an NVR or router.

BDC-S1500 Series PoE Switches

Next, we have the BDCOM S1510 Series PoE switches. First, these are full Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbps) with 8/16/24 PoE ports available. Secondly, these switches are able to rack-mounted and include all necessary hardware. Finally, they have a DIP toggle between default mode, VLAN mode, and 250M long-distance CCTV mode.

The 8 port switch BDC-S1510-8P-120 is a solid option for a rack-mounted Gigabit switch with two uplink ports.  It has a 20Gbps switching capacity, 2M port cache, and 150W total power output via PoE.

Next up are the BDC-S1518-16P-330 and BDC-S1526-24P-400 models. These models are perfect for large projects, where you may have 32 or more IP cameras. One difference is that these models have two SFP uplink ports, not regular RJ45 uplinks. A special SFP to RJ45 adapter can be used to convert the uplinks into RJ45, which is only necessary if you fill up all 16/24 PoE ports on the switch.

Long Range Transmission and VLAN Modes

All of BCDOM PoE switches have an extended PoE function built into the equipment. By toggling the DIP switch to CCTV mode, you can extend the range of PoE & data up to 250M (820 ft). There will be a line power loss due to the extended range, but because each port is PoE+, you will not run into any issues with a regular PoE camera. This standard long-range POE helps BDCOM establish themselves among the competition.

Additionally, the S1500 series has a VLAN toggle switch as well. By enabling the VLAN mode, the PoE ports will be isolated from each other, only able to communicate with devices connected to the uplink ports. This allows for better security, and is a very useful feature in an enterprise environment.

Reliability and Conclusion

For the majority of our customers, their main concern about PoE switches are:

  1. Will it perform in the location?
  2. Will it keep working reliably?

When you purchase any of our BDCOM PoE switches, you can be assured that the product will work reliably for a long time. In the unlikely event that your switch fails within the warranty period, we will try our best to ensure a hassle-free RMA and exchange. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using BDCOM PoE switches.

For more detailed information, you can view a detail spec by clicking these links: BDC-S1000 Series / BDC-S1500 Series