All About ONVIF


All About ONVIF

What is ONVIF?

ONVIF is an acronym for Open Network Video Interface Forum. ONVIF was founded in 2008 by a collaborative effort between Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Sony Corporation. It is a standardized protocol for different network devices to transmit data to one another. The ONVIF specification ensures compatibility between IP-based security products.

Why the ONVIF specification matter?

Any device which conforms to the ONVIF specification will be able to send and receive data to any other ONVIF conforming device. This is important because it allows system integrators to add additional security devices to an existing system without having to worry about incompatibility. It also allows integrators and end-users to mix and match devices from different vendors to create a customized solution.

How can I tell if a product is ONVIF conformant?

First, you canverify that a product has been declared to be ONVIF conformant by visiting the ONVIF conformant products page. Products that have been verified to be ONVIF conformant via the ONVIF conformance process are able to utilize the appropriate Profile mark on that product. Please note that some optional features may not work while using ONVIF. Such features may include smart tracking, advanced analytics, or digital defogging. The ONVIF specification ensures that mandatory features such as video data and audio are able to be transmitted between devices.

Are the cameras you sell ONVIF conformant?

Yes, all the surveillance cameras we have available are ONVIF conformant! Our NVRs and DVRs are also ONVIF conformant. You can integrate our cameras with your existing video security system if the system is conformant with the ONVIF protocol. Typically most systems made within the last 2-3 years will work with ONVIF. You can always confirm with the ONVIF website. Please contact us if you are not sure, we will try our best to find products that will work with your security system.