Easy Plug and Play Security camera solution?

Easy Plug and Play Security camera solution?


The marketing term plug and play has been used quite often around security cameras. So what does the plug and play security camera mean? “Will it work if I just plug in the security camera?”. IP security cameras can be difficult for those without any prior knowledge. However in this article you will learn how to use the plug and play feature of IP cameras and it won’t be as difficult as you think.


So what do you need? Well, we need a camera and a place for our data to be stored. That place will be our NVR, short for Network Video Recorder. Depending on how many IP cameras you need, you can choose an NVR with 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports and even more. We will also need a monitor to view our data and a mouse to change any settings in our NVR. So your router will need to be connected to the NVR (via ethernet cable) to provide the NVR with internet access. This will also give your IP cameras connectivity to the internet in which you can set up to watch remotely.

Here is simple diagram on how security cameras can be setup.

Plug and play

This is where the plug and play comes in handy. Once the NVR is connected and turned on, all we have to do is connect our IP cameras to our NVR. We will be able to connect our IP cameras with just 1 cable (Ethernet). After that, our cameras should turn on and would be able to view our live data through the monitor if it is connected to the NVR. All of the IP cameras from GS Global will have the plug and play feature.

Best IP cameras

There are two different types of camera to consider, IP or Analog. The difference between the two is well defined by Blackbox which can be found by clicking here. One of the popular cameras we would recommend is the GS-P857-F28. It come with a 5mp camera, has infrared and will perform well during day and night. A camera we would recommend with higher quality imaging is the IPC3618SR3-DPF28M. It is a well built device with an 8mp camera, uses infrared, and performs well during both day and night. There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the best camera that suits you, such as costs, quality, size, build, features, and etc. It is free to consult one of our experts to give you options to fulfill your projects/goals.


“There are so many devices and it seems complicated!” Unfortunately, this is the best setup to provide the best quality, value and longevity for security cameras. You can find great selections of IP cameras at GS Global and contact us to help you decide the best setup and camera for your needs.