Uniview Active Deterrence PTZ – Testing and Review

Uniview Active Deterrence PTZ IPC672LR-AX4DUPK Banner Image

Uniview Active Deterrence PTZ – Testing and Review


In today’s market, the majority of CCTV installations are ‘passive’. What does this mean? Passive CCTV is only able to record a crime after it happens, and cannot be used to stop a crime in progress. How can we solve this problem? Add an ‘Active Deterrence’ PTZ to your system, such as IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC.

This new PTZ is able to take an active approach to protecting property and people. When someone triggers the motion detection, an audio alert can be played from the PTZ speaker. Additionally, a strobe light will flash, making sure the intruder knows they are being recorded. You can even trigger two-way audio, allowing you to speak through the PTZ via smartphone or PC.

IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC – 2MP LightHunter Active Deterrence PTZ

Out of the many PTZ cameras Uniview currently offers, the IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC is the first to offer so many features in one. Additionally, it is the first ‘Active Deterrence’ camera offered by Uniview. Some key features of this camera include:

  • 2.8-12mm autofocusing & motorized lens
  • 120dB True WDR + LightHunter
  • Two-way audio w/loud speaker
  • Auto-tracking via human body detection algorithm
  • Alarm strobe lights & audio warning
  • MicroSD card slot – Up to 128 GB
  • Custom audio alarm file – 8KHz PCM up to 100KB
Uniview IPC672LR-AX4DUPK PTZ Size Comparison
IPC672LR size comparison to Todaair DIP-3226-H.

Testing Audio Alarm Feature

Before the audio alarm function can be triggered, you need to setup a detection area. You can access this feature under ‘Setup’ > ‘Intelligent’ > ‘Smart’ > ‘Human Body Detection’. This intelligent detection will only trigger on human detection, eliminating false positives like trees and cars passing by.

After setting up the detection area, head over to the ‘Trigger Actions’ menu to configure how the PTZ will react to detecting a person. You can choose from ten preset audio clips, or add your own audio from the ‘Video & Audio’ > ‘Audio’ menu. If adding your own audio, you need to encode it using RAW PCM 8KHz sampling rate. You can use the software Audacity to record and encode the audio.

White LED Illumination at Night

The IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC has four IR LEDs and two white light LEDs for capturing a clear image at night. During regular night hours, the camera is recording using the built-in IR for a clear black/white image at night. Once the motion detection is triggered, the white LEDs will immediately trigger, lighting up the scene in vivid colour.

Testing PTZ Zoom and Image Quality

Last but not least, the Uniview Active Deterrence PTZ features a 2MP LightHunter sensor and 4x motorized lens. We setup one camera in our showroom to see how the image looks from the camera. Below, you can see two snapshots from the camera. The first image is from the widest angle, the second is from the narrowest angle. As you can see, the image is very sharp and balanced for a 2MP PTZ. I was honestly surprised how clear the image was at maximum zoom.


Uniview’s new Active Deterrence PTZ is able to deliver a lot of features in a small form factor. Additionally, this PTZ has released at a very reasonable price. I believe Uniview has found a winning formula with IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC, and this is a great option for anyone looking to deter crimes by adding an active solution to their system. I look forward to seeing this camera catch and deter criminals across Canada.

If you have any questions about Uniview’s new PTZ, give us a call today at (905)367-7177.

Update – Here is a video demonstrating the auto-tracking and human body detection features: https://youtu.be/e7jQwJxhGdw